About Us

darryl lesak

Darryl Lesak
Environmental Services Director


Kate Garcia
Environmental Programs Coordinator


Breanna Plunkett
Education Specialist


Chris Jones
Principal Clerk

Mission Statement
Air Victoria promotes voluntary compliance with best practices for improving air quality through public education and research in order to reduce ground level ozone pollution, protect the health of citizens, promote economic development and improve the quality of life in Victoria Texas.

Since the mid-1970's, Victoria County has encountered problems with attaining the Environmental Protection Agency's national air quality standards for ozone formation. In 1995, Victoria was designated as a "near non-attainment area". In 2003, the non-profit coalition "Clean Air Counts" was formed to inform Victoria area residents about air quality issues, promote voluntary actions people can take to reduce ozone pollution. Buy Cialis Canada online with no rx.

"Clean Air Counts" is now Air Victoria. Air Victoria works closely with the University of Texas researching Victoria’s air quality, and educates all citizens of Victoria County about air quality through civic organization presentations, classroom presentations, public education events, media outlets and on the web.
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